Back from the truly beyond!

Top of the Jungfraujoch in Switzerland
We're back from our vacation.  
I have so many mixed feelings about ending the most wonderful holiday experience;however,  relishing all of the familiarity and comforts of being home.  
I love being home.  
I also love traveling.  
My mind is nudging itself with thoughts about the next potential destination.  
My mind is also hammering away at the school tasks and life obligations that are presenting themselves vividly in  
rather neon-like colors .

We actually saw many of the special spots described 
by Vicki Archer in her blog  
called "French Essence".  
Tracking down another bloggers favorite places (this one was a macaroon shop in St. Remy de Provence) 
in a foreign country 
was hugely 
My family thought I was rather silly and this macaroon shop quest 
a little eerie. 
I just blocked them out. 
I think Vicki Archer would understand. Seeing things guide books recommend is one thing but seeing locations personally recommended by wonderful bloggers out here in blogland!!  
Are you kidding!  
It's like going on a treasure hunt! 
We spent a week in Switzerland and a second week in Provence.  I'll probably be making the next slew of postings highlighting some of our favorite moments and photos.  
I had my new camera in hand and we are trusted friends at this point.  
When the trip ended and we arrived at home, I had a hard time setting my camera down.  
I looked at it lovingly and realized that for 2 weeks, we were constant companions.
in yet another new house, 
Grapes bursting with ripeness in Provence
I plan on bringing out the bins of fall decorations and searching for new spots to enjoy their memories.  I've learned that even though we have moved many times at this point, keeping decorations constant in each new abode is very satisfying and calming.
Patrick and I are determined to tackle the french bread 
called brioche.  
We ate it non stop for the one week in France and we don't think we can live without it anymore.  
I need to research a recipe this morning.  
Home made chicken soup and olive bread for tonight should make for a happy weekend as we ease back into our regular routines.  Floating back down to reality 
takes comfort food for sure.

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