We're cooking now!

Braised Lamb Shanks in rosemary and red wine
We really did it!
I always doubt that I can really create something that I see in magazine or on T.V.
I think that is why I like to cook just for the 4 of us.  I can 
risk failure
and the family is just happy to have food on the  table.
Now my son would like to learn how to cook.  
Pressure is on!  
A persnickety 14 year old watching over my cooking.  
First, I thought I would lose him when 4 legs of a (now deceased) lamb presented themselves for us to season.  
He was o.k. with that 
(quite unbelievably)
We trimmed the bone, seasoned them, seared them on the stovetop, sauteed all of the veggies and herbs, and added the wine and lamb altogether. In the oven it all went for 3 hours of roasting. I think if the windows were open, we could have lured the entire neighborhood.
 My son was quite impressed with his mom and
that takes effort in the teen world I live in. Mom is usually 
losing credibility 
by the day 
around here.
Well, you know, it turned out really good. Thank goodness!!
  My little apprentice  thinks his mom can just whip up anything that strikes our fancy now that he has entered the cooking arena.  
What have I done?
He is currently drooling over individual chocolate souffles. 

(no pressure there, buddy, oh love of mine)

 that we saw on "Take Home Chef" 
(our current cooking inspiration show.  
Think we can do it?  
Before I leave blogland and go back to the real world....I am starting a cooking class tonight.  
Cannot wait! 
it's not at Kate's french farm 
in Gascon, France 
(see my list of blogs I follow) 
but I will just have to start somewhere!
I have no expectations so that is good.  I think it is going to be mostly watching someone else cook 
but I really have no idea.  I'm sure I'll be chatting about it here though.  It would probably 
bore my family to death!

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