Thursday, March 24, 2011

Blackberry Fools


I couldn't help myself.  My mind works like skipping stones on a lake, except, in a rather erratic pattern I must confess.  I was writing my article about New Orleans you see, and I kept reminiscing about the blackberry picking we used to do as schoolchildren.  Then, I saw this delicious recipe in a magazine sitting right next to me.  No kidding, the page had fallen open to these "Blackberry Fools".

Was the title taunting me?  Would I be a "fool" not to make this delicious concoction?  Sucker I am.  Here they are.  Low fat they are not.  How do I know?  Because I tried to whip up some half and half that I had in the fridge.  Half and half does not whip.  At all.  Darn it.  Now I was hooked.  I had to stop off at the store, buy some ridiculously high fat c-r-e-a-m and whip this up.

Worth it?


Blackberry Fools:

1 cup of cream
1 Tbsp. confectioners sugar
1 cup of Blackberry Jam
Garnish ( I used peppermint leaves)

In your electric mixer, whip up the cream and confectioners sugar.  Fold or swirl in the blackberry jam.  Ladle carefully into your favorite glass cups.  Garnish, embellish, or fancy them up however you please!


  1. OMG, these look ridiculously delicious. My mouth is literally watering! I might reproduce this:)

  2. Makes me want to run out and make this right now! Think they'd miss me at work? Photos are amazing, too.

  3. I'm with Julia and Renee - this looks simply fabulous!! As always your photos (and styling) are exquisite and add to the temptation. I just showed by daughters and they were both enthralled - so this might have to be a weekend delight!!

  4. Super easy to make and they look like they taste divine. I will have to try these. Will fresh blackberries work too?

  5. Loree, Yes!! Fresh Blackberries smashed a bit would be wonderful in this dessert. I don't know why the recipe didn't use that instead of the jam.

  6. Mon dieu! these look divine (not to mention incredible non-non fat...)
    I am SO trying them - I have to run get cream!
    Your photos are wonderful - bravo my friend!

  7. Looks like a delicious treat! When the world speaks you have to listen ;)

  8. This looks awesome!! I totally dig your old-fashion-y spoon, too! It is taunting.

  9. They look gorgeous, love the white cream with a swirl of blackberry. Def worth full fat!

  10. You are killing me here.

    Why can't whipped cream be as healthy as the berries?
    Life is so unfair sometimes. :(

    Your pictures are wonderful! :)

  11. yep I'd be a fool for this blackberry treat.

    had to come back for a second eyegasm.

  12. yummo! these look amazing - I've happily pinned here:

    happy day to you!


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