Friday, September 2, 2011

BB's Cajun Café

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I do try, people.  I do.  Promise.  Healthy eating is important in this family.  But, don't you just have those days when you want to throw the spinach salad out the window with an expert frisbee fling and let your yearnings for all things unhealthy  run amuck?  Go wild with heady abandon?  Throw caution to the gale-force winds?

Isn't naughty ....sometimes oh so nice!!

It's a genetic thing.  I was raised in the deep south of Louisiana.  If it wasn't fried, we suspected it wasn't real food.  I knew it would happen after moving back down to the south.  

I knew it. would. happen.

The yearning for a crunchy, hot, deep fried seafood po-boy would come banging on my DNA structure.  Texas is right next door to Louisiana.  There's gotta be a good po-boy place in this fourth largest city in the U.S.  

Need I say more? 

I maintain my innocence, however.  I was not the family member out plying the streets in search of this sinful sandwich indulgence.  

It was my husband.  

He claims he was dragged to this po-boy spot by a co-worker.  He claims that IF he didn't divulge its location to me, he would be denying me what is a birthright to a cajun girl.  

Yes, it was all Patrick's fault.

BB's Cajun Café was a bit hole-in-the-wall.  It was a "dive".  It was a tiny little joint.  Yes...It had all of the tell-tale makings of an authentic po-boy spot.  

The seafood was fried in excellent cornmeal batter (check!).  The bread was crunchy but also chewy and had to be ripped apart with your teeth (check!).  The sauce was creamy with just the right ratio of spice to mayo (check/check!).

The waiter saw our enthusiasm for all things po-boy and convinced us to try what he touted as their famous "appetizer".  My eye was trying to stay focused on the sandwich prize.   I barely heard what he was describing, but a few minutes later, a plate of nibbles arrived on the table.

Little bacon wrapped pieces of chicken stuffed with cream cheese and jalapenos and served with a side of Cajun cream sauce.  Yum. Quite the diversion.  A little Cajun goodness.  A little Tex-Mex zing.

What a great find here in Houston.  My kids get bewildered with my hard-headed attempt to daily enforce healthy eating and then my mindless plummet into the world of Cajun fried goodness.  I contritely endured my share of ribbing from the teen gallery as I indulged in this vice of colossal caloric consumption.

It was futile at this point to say no to the continued caloric digression.  We licked our chops and dipped our forks into a deliciously sinful bread pudding for dessert.  What an ending to a wickedly erring meal.  It'll be spinach salads, 8 cups of water per day, and whole grain everything for the next week.

Promise!!  Thank you BB's for making this Cajun girl happy!  Poo-yie!


  1. That little place looks like so much fun! There should always be room in the healthy eating lifestyle for some comfort food. It's all about moderation, really. There's nothing like food from your childhood, is there? Thanks for sharing!

  2. Nmai Nami Nami:)) Love everything about that little place but clock on teh wall stole my heart:)

  3. Nice! :))) it's exactly the 20% I'm talking about :)
    Or as my husband says "I feel sick of all that grass, let's get a pizza!" :)

  4. Look at that po'boy! I'd toss a spinach salad by the wayside for that on occasion myself.

  5. This was such a tease! I thought you were going to show me how to make that delectable thing at the top of this post! Now that you've hooked us all, you have to do it in your own kitchen!!

  6. Being a good southern girl, I can certainly appreciate a po-boy! Now I know where to get one if I'm in Houston. Yay!

  7. Nice little place!!! I bet it was satisfying :)

  8. It sounds sinful and delicious. Have a great weekend.

  9. Such a lovely place. I can have as much of their stuff as everything look delish.

  10. That po'boy looks amazinggggg!! All the food there looks wonderful!

  11. I try to eat healthy foods too, but I have a weakness for Popeyes. Their fried chicken is just so.. oily and salty... Mhmm, delicious!

  12. ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....

    That was a deep sigh. It is so nice to be back here. I have missed you!!!!
    You are such a dose of good times and in bad, my friend. xo

    And I hear you! August was a complete right off, in terms of eating well. You know you are headed for train-wreck disaster when the thought of one more spinach leaf makes you want to pull your teeth out.
    Ok, it's not that dramatic, but really, I am still weary of spinach salad. I think I need a new salad dressing or something. Have you got one of those?
    But you know, despite all the indulgence, you get to a point where you've had enough of the bad stuff and actually start craving fresh vegetables again. Kind of like the days after Christmas.

    I'm rambling.
    I'll go.
    So very good to see you again!

  13. Oh I do understand! I try so hard with my kids and then go and make a huge chocolate cake - just can't help - grew up with it and LOVE it!
    Your post makes me SOOOO hungry - YUM

  14. Sometimes - you've just gotta go home. Back to the heart and hearth..and where there was nothing like the home-cooking!! Wonderful post!

  15. the bread pudding looks beyond amazing!

    i love bread pudding and would love to know how to create restaurant-style B.P. at home!!

    if you have any amazing recipes for it, LMK. SO MANY online to choose head spins!

  16. Absolutely sinfully delicious! Gorgeous clicks, Sarah :)



  17. HA!! I think we all need to indulge our less than ideal food cravings every once in a while. This looks delicious and I'm glad it satisfied the Cajun girl deep down inside!!

  18. I think that every once in a while, a poboy is absolutely necessary! Coming to think of it, it's been way too long since I had one. Looks like such a fun meal!

  19. Lovely! I love that Sony camera of yours too (I had a look at your specs because I'm looking for a new little handheld). I will continue to drool at your blog now.

  20. Nice place, not only the food grab the attention of the visitors but the restaurants/cafe's friendly environment play a vital role in making the visitor to come back often and talk about it around friends.
    ~Aansy Stone

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