Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Rustic Brioche Rolls


Waiting.  Winter waiting.  It is a lovely tranquil time of year.  The holiday hustle and bustle has slipped away in a mist of merry memories.   Time hovers and shimmers over us...lulls us into a peaceful state...whispers enchantments of rest and recuperation.

Soups are the main stars at the table at present ...accompanied  by a variety of rustic breads, cheeses, and olives.

As a homeschool family, we have our share of packed activities, over wrought schedules, and frenetic pacing of school work.

This year, however, is different from those past harried school years.  My children, now teens, with solid opinions and observations of their own,  have asked for a retooling of our charged lifestyle.  

"Mom, we are homeschooling.  So why are you trying to have us join every club, hobby, sport, and organization out there?" they query.

"We're happy" they counter.  "We don't need to be so socialized because of what others fear."

On many occasions, the questioning  of the ever present issue of "socialization", or the fearful lack thereof,  echo vociferously by the most well intentioned of people.

As parents, we often find ourselves full of anxious trepidation one day and determined conviction the next with the lifestyle approach we have taken.  

But, ironically, we have, in past years,  fallen into the much discussed trap of many fellow homeschool families...

 - over-socialization.  

Wintery January Night with full Moon

 Our children, like many children today, plead for a respite from the chaos of an over-scheduled regime.  A breathing space, a recharge... an interlude from our need to always exert ourselves to the fullest, to offer our children all that we possibly can...and then more.

Our year has been a very tranquil and peaceful one.  In this past year, our days have been filled with many hours of schoolwork, purging of mainstream television, devouring engaging novels, and watching thought provoking documentaries that are often followed by amusing discussions.   

I am continually checking in with them for  any apprehension about our  hushed and quiet existence.

Will they be ready for the tumultuous world and everything it  will sling at them?

At younger ages, we've pushed them into every imaginable hobby, sport, instrument, and activity.

At the teenage stage, they have said "no" to most of it.  How interesting and insightful this path has been.  

My mind is often burgeoning with thoughts about how we educate our children.   But, when it comes down to it, we are all trying to make good decisions, one day at a time, one child at a time on what is right for that particular little soul making his or her way through this world.

There is undoubtedly no one correct path.  Mistakes will abound.  What is certain, is at the end of the day, we all hope for the quiet of an evening, a warming bowl of soup and perhaps some rustic bread to finish off the day.  

Until another one begins.

Rustic Brioche Rolls

(follow this link to recipe from a previous brioche post)

Once the dough has risen for the final time, butter and flour muffin tins.  Roll dough into ping pong size balls.  Put three balls in one slot of each muffin tin.  Brush with egg mixture and proceed with directions for loaf baking.


  1. If I could reach into my monitor and grab one of those rolls, I would. They look absolutely gorgeous. Soups and breads are a staple here at my house too. Is that your dog? What a sweet picture, so cozy.

  2. Dear Sarah - As always Sarah everything about your is inspiring and your food follows suit -how I wish I could bite into yuor beautiful brioche rolls - diet be damned!

    And yes, if at the end of the day our kids come home to a bowl of heartwarming soup with us, we've done well. I'll report in a

    chow :) Devaki @ weavethousandflavors

  3. so very pretty! I love brioche, and your photo captures them perfectly.

  4. What a lovely post! It's wonderful to hear about teens reading! I couldn't read enough but my niece & nephew never developed the habit.

    Your Brioche are beautiful. We just made them with an on-line cooking group, French Fridays with Dorie, and I was less that thrilled with my results. I'll have to try your recipe.

  5. Really Yummy recipe..Would love to give it a try…Thank you so much for posting this..


  6. I'm all for enjoying a quiet and thoughtful life, it's a rarity these days in our constantly busy and bustling society.

  7. water drops on spider :)


  8. It sounds like your kids have their heads screwed on straight! You must have done a great job homeschooling them, congratulations. I'm in love with the full moon and the spiderweb. And of course the rolls. I have to try them.

  9. Wow - that first photo. So moody! Can brioche rolls be moody? Yes!
    Delicious looking too.

    Beautifully captured Sarah, all of it!

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  11. I love this post. We do our best with our children. We guide them and love them. The rest is up to them. It's frightening but that's the way it needs to be.

  12. Oh, such lovely photos.

    I love winter waiting...the holidays over, the relaxed and calm calendar, comfort food, snow. It's my favorite time of year!

  13. A wonderful post filled with so many intriguing thoughts. I really enjoyed hearing about the complexities of home schooling. And your brioche rolls looks delicious. I always stay away from baking bread or anything with yeast, but your photos make me want to try these!

  14. If only I could take pictures like you....
    Your third picture, the dew drops right.... Oh My God..... I have never never never seen more beautiful picture of droplets than this...
    You know seriously, if you get time do a post on photography, there is so much to learn from you and i mean it...

    B/W the brioche looks delicious....

  15. So interesting to hear about your homeschooling experiences..and your kids' reactions. We didn't do the homeschooling thing - and yet - mine also felt overscheduled and over-committed. It's good that yours are letting you know when enough is enough. And - as always - stunning imagery!!!

  16. As always, such truly splendid photographs - the brioches are the epitome of rustic chic!! And I'm sure delicious!

  17. Your brioche rolls are so inviting, and would be delightful on this rainy morning! A lovely post with beautiful photos, and I agree there is not exact path or rout but rather experiences.

  18. I think if many parents let their kids, the kids would prefer less hectic schedule. I do not have any kids but my friends have and it is hard to find time to meet with them due to soccer practices, music practices, extra activities. All of them are exhausted. When I raised the question of why so hectic, my friend mentioned that if they do not follow the pack, the kids will feel excluded.
    Anyway, not right for me but again, you are right, there is no correct path. A bowl of soup and these brioches would make all this running around worthwhile.

  19. Beautiful brioche!! FFWD just made brioche in muffin tins. They were wonderful! For me it was a first...I had never made brioche before. I will definitely be making them again! Enjoyed your post...always thought provoking. My grandchildren are consumed by books...I love seeing that!

  20. Sarah,
    I am with you on the slowing-down attitude. Kids are so over-scheduled that they often have a hard time knowing what to do in their down time. I try so hard to keep their lives simple, relaxed, and slow. The joys of reading, thinking, conversation, and nature are too good to be rushed past. Thanks for articulating this so beautifully for the rest of us.
    PS That photo of your dog is too cute!


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