Sunday, April 22, 2012

Strawberry Crepes...and an Early Morning at the Strawberry Patch

A Saturday.  An Early Morning.  And a quest to get to the strawberry patch.

Perhaps because we now know the kind of heat in store for us in a few months, we have learned that Houstonians flock to any Spring season tradition.  

M. and I decided to take off early, enjoy a cool morning drive, and arrive at the strawberry patch, hopefully, before the parade of strawberry pickers canvas the fields filled with tiny orbs of crimson spring deliciousness.  

Must come back with a full bucket of strawberries.  

Crepes filled with thinly sliced, fresh, juicy strawberries were at stake.  

I enjoy this particular drive out into the countryside beyond Houston.  Once we pass the sweeping rows of shops, restaurants, and more shops, the fields begin to widen, green spaces become more expansive, and scenery takes on a more rural quality.  

Wildflowers in the most cheery shade of pink line the narrow country roads leading the strawberry patch.  The cows have plenty of baby calves awkwardly stumbling about, probably getting used to the onslaught of cars making their yearly pilgrimage to Froberg's Strawberry Farm.

Groups of cyclists were out in packs.  Fifteen or twenty bicyclists, all clustered together like a swarm of colorful fish, glided noiselessly by on the miles of country roads that are scenic but more importantly...flat!

We crunched up the gravel road to the farm.  There was the old craggy oak tree with its heavy scarred limbs resting themselves on the ground.

Strawberries, that tumbled out inbetween the petite white flowers were ripe, ruby red, and ready for our picking!

This delightful little child was just entering the patch with her family.  She had this adorable green checkered shirt on, beautiful sun kissed red hair, sparkling blue eyes, and a floppy sunflower yellow hat.  

She and her family looked so thrilled and happy to be out in the cool morning air, little wooden buckets in hand, ready to go strawberry picking.

The huge perk to Froberg's Stawberry Farm is it's a place for all local farmers to bring their crops for sale.  From the creaky screened door, partially open air pavilion, and country setting, shopping here is a sensory experience of delight.

The fruits and vegetables are always plentiful.  But in addition, fruit hand pies are usually coming right out of the oven and drifting their tempting warm, spiced scent over the shoppers.  We always come home with strawberry, apricot, or blueberry hand pies and  several jars of fig jam.  

We are also never known to leave Froberg's without a bag of their tart, fruity, chewy, thick strawberry licorice.  Don't even come home unless we have the strawberry licorice.

As if the hot homemade pies coming out of the ovens were not enough, Froberg's has a Smokehouse right next door to the market.  Ribs, sausages, jerky, and roasts are all being smoked and sold to the market shoppers.

Families spend hours at the farm, picking strawberries in the back fields, shopping in the market, and then picnicking outside while enjoying pulled pork or beef sandwiches.

But, crepes were on order for our Sunday breakfast the next day.  After watching the train sweep by, always a delight to the children at the farm, we headed home with our goodies loaded in baskets.

Crepes and strawberries go hand in hand.  We washed them well and thought about the next day's Sunday breakfast.  

P. whipped up a batch of whipped cream.  Not only does the combination taste delicious but it's such a pretty breakfast treat.

The next morning, a few sausages grilled, fresh strong coffee brewed, and our Sunday morning breakfast was just as we like it...slow, relaxing, and delicious.  

It's probably the only morning out of 7 days that we stretch out our time at the table, have a second cup of coffee, stay in our jammies until noon, and try to keep life simple.

With a full bucket of strawberries to tempt me, however, and a dinner of smoked meats ready for the early evening, I was tingling to use up the rest of that ruby red fruit.

I had been eyeing this one recipe and thought I would give it a try since we had so many strawberries on hand.  While everyone else went about their day's plans, I had fun in the kitchen creating another use for my strawberries.

I look forward to sharing it here on "Thyme" real soon!

Enjoy every bit of spring...for if you are anywhere in the south...we all know what comes next!

Crepes with Strawberries and Homemade Whipped Cream

1 cup all-purpose flour
1 teaspoon white sugar
1/4 teaspoon salt
3 eggs
2 cups milk
2 tablespoons butter, melted

1. Sift together flour, sugar and salt; set aside. In a large bowl, beat eggs and milk together with an electric mixer. Beat in flour mixture until smooth; stir in melted butter.

2. Heat a lightly oiled griddle or frying pan over medium high heat. Pour or scoop the batter onto the griddle, using approximately 2 tablespoons for each crepe. Tip and rotate pan to spread batter as thinly as possible. Brown on both sides and serve hot. [Makes 10-12 crepes]


  1. Strawberry farming seems like so much fun - it is definitely on my list to do :D
    I absolutely adore your crepes as well - they are summery light and best of all bursting with strawberries :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  2. What a lovely breakfast. Also, I wish I could sample the amazing licorice of which you speak!

  3. Your photographs are absolutely inspiring -- the beets are calling out for a watercolor interpretation! Such beautiful, saturated colors.

    I can't wait to try your crepe recipe.

  4. Something must be in the air, I planed to make crepes on Sunday, but it was raining all day and I got lazy-))) It is my favored breakfast and lunch and dessert. We don't have strawberries in season yes, but when we will I am planning to make a lot of strawberry jam with vanilla. I like you metal basket very much-) Stunning photo of the girl, and your blue china ahhh-))

  5. Love your pics and you make me hungry for your lovely crepes. It is not strawberry season here in Ohio but June is coming soon! Thanks for sharing your lovely thoughts. God Bless!

  6. What a nice way to begin my Monday morning - your photos just make me happy. And now I have a crepe recipe for the weekend...thank you.

  7. These look so amazing - your photograph is wonderful - I know I've said this before but why don't you do a book!! I'd buy it!!
    Mary x

  8. How absolutely beautiful...your photos are stunning! You definitely have an eye for beauty. I love your blog!

    La Petite Gigi

  9. I love trains.

    I could probably come up with better things to comment on, but there's just something about a train that picks up my heart rate and makes me smile every time. If I could combine trainwatching with crepe eating, I'd have it made:)

  10. Sarah, I totally agree... strawberries and crepes are made for each other. And I really liked the shots/ and story of your berry procurement. That smokehouse didn't look too bad either;)
    Have a great week,

  11. Just the words strawberry patch makes my heart sing and then your pics take it to the next level! I can't think of a more wonderful way to spend a morning Sarah and your delightful crepes do these strawberries every justice :)

    chow! Devaki @weavethousandflavors

  12. Great pics! I'm a huge fan of crepes and I currently have a large cartoon of strawberries I bought at the Farmers Market this weekend so I might give this a try.

  13. You have made me so hungry. I love crepes and strawberries. As always, your photos are gorgeous. And I can't wait for your next strawberry recipe. Enjoying spring here too - it will all be gone too soon.

  14. Wonderful crepes!
    I'm hungry.Very.................

  15. What a magical depiction of a day spent out in the strawberry fields. Love the 'portrait' of the girl. And the crepes look absolutely yummy!

  16. WOW, what incredible photos and such an enchanting post!! I loved it and feel like I was along with you - wishing now I had some crepes too!

    My husband laughed the other day because I mentioned how well our strawberry plants are doing - they seem to have multiplied quite a bit over the winter. He asked "what strawberry plants?" oops...last year I ended up eating them all as they ripened - I truly don't think he got any! I think I'll have to share this year :)

  17. What a great way to spend the whole weekend. That is my kind of Sunday as well, how it was when I was a kid. I try to do that every now and then but sometimes the day takes it away from me.
    I know what you mean with enjoying the spring. It is still 60s -70s and I know it is a matter of time before the heat bellies out his evil laugh and locks us in our houses!

    For your eggplant question, this recipe is my favorite and can be baked without frying as well. Hope you will like it. Very flavorful:

  18. I am so horrible at waking up early that I can never ever make it to a berry picking farm on time!
    Beautiful photos and stories. The crepe with strawberries are the best combination ever and my all time fav. :)

  19. Lovely shots - they make me want to head out to some farms and markets! And my strawberries just started fruiting! I can't wait until they are mature so I can try these crepes. Yum!

  20. Your images tell such a beautiful story...oh I can't wait for strawberry picking season (it's a ways off here in Ottawa, Canada).
    Your crepes, strawberries, and whipped cream look like a heavenly breakfast...and I can smell that sausage sizzling. Yum!
    Such gorgeous photography!! Thank you so much for your sweet note on my pie post xo

  21. I love strawberries :D There are strawberry fields near my old house from before I moved, last year, and they had strawberry pickings ever y year. I regret not going to them now ^^;

  22. The crepes looks gorgeous. I love the presentation. Thanks for sharing!

  23. i love strawberries and we make crepes so often, my daughters favourite with lemon and sugar, and strawberries when we have them.

  24. Your pictures really do convey the beauty of nature, I enjoy all of them. Berry picking does sound like it would make for a fun day. Also, I think your decision to make crepes was an excellent way to showcase some of that berry goodness! Your presentation here really does entice. No doubt everyone enjoyed that breakfast-well done.

  25. I am in love with this post. Your photos have truly taken me on a journey to somewhere far more serene than my living room on a rainy night. Every time I read your stories I feel a sense of calm and quietness about cooking that I don't often have (we Middle Easterners are a spunky bunch). It's one of the main reasons I adore coming here - thank you!

  26. I am so jealous! Your photos are gorgeous, as usual, and those strawberries are absolutely perfect. I think it will be June before we see strawberries here, but you'll be sweating to death in the oppressive heat by then (so I shouldn't complain). Love the crepes!

  27. What beautiful photos! I'm glad you're enjoying your Houston spring.

  28. I love to go Strawberry picking in the early morning…that won’t happen here until June! Your crepes look delectable….Yum!

  29. Thanks for reminding me to do something fun ;-). Strawberry Picking added to the Fun List!

  30. I saw your post on Froberg's Farm and just had to comment. I grew up down the street from Froberg's Farm in Alvin. I never thought of it as in the country but I guess coming from Houston, it would seem like that. Thanks for writing about it.

    1. Oh Ronda, I love that! That area around Froberg's does indeed feel like country to me...isn't that funny! I do enjoy writing about an area and the people who live in that area see it through another person's eyes. Thank you!

  31. Sarah...first of all, thank you for your wonderful comment, it truly touched my heart and I'm going to share it with the family, it will mean so much to them, and it greatly did to me. ♥

    Now, for that sweet little seems Anne of Green Gables is alive and well, and living in the farmlands of Texas! She's adorable! I've always been a bit nervous about making crepes, but I think with your capable and enthusiastic guidance...I could give it a go, and possibly succeed! It would be fun to try either way, and I think this weekend would be the perfect time to try! Wish I had a strawberry farm nearby though to assist in the adventure! xoxo

  32. This post is just gorgeous! Your photography is excellent and it always inspires me to be a better photographer. The strawberries and the crepes look scrumptious and I would love to make your recipe. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  33. Wow... such stunning photography! You really captured all the elements - I feel as though I was there! Your recipe sounds delicious too... nothing like Sunday morning crepes & fresh strawberries!

  34. These look so yummy! I love crepes & strawberries!
    & Your pictures are amazing!
    Thank you for sharing!

  35. This is worthy of a magazine spread! Beautiful. The photos and the crepes. I love the photo of the little girl. The contrast between her blue eyes and bright yellow hat is amazing. Thank you for sharing. Hope you are enjoying the spring!

  36. This post made me think of one of my own to write. For me, crepes mean love. My sister in law makes crepes every time I get to Oregon to visit. just for me. Just for love. Thanks for the reminder.

  37. A day must be wonderful with a breakfast like this!

  38. just incredible photography and omg I want all those crepes!

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