Saturday, May 26, 2012

Hamburgers! with Kale 'Slaw' and Cilantro-Lime Mayonnaise

A few days ago someone 'tweeted' that isn't a shame Memorial Day weekend is mostly about barbeques and picnics ~ instead of about the men and women who have decided their jobs are to protect our country.

I say, isn't a shame in the first place that we need to 'protect' our country? Why do we still have wars in this modern age? Why do we hate so much that we want to kill others?  

Why does religion and resources often play a central role in the history of hate between nations?

As I go through the pages of history with my kids I often hear the comment from them, "Nations are really like little kids who never learned that bullying and greed are wrong."

I leave you with a video today that talks about 'love'.  Not amorous love but that need for everyone to feel 'loved', accepted, and appreciated.  

Let's pause to give sincere thanks to all of the people, in ALL of the nations whose job it is to protect their countries.

My brother.
My cousin.
My father.
My two grandfathers.

But...I ask again, why do we send these human beings to protect us from our fellow nations?  Can't war and hate ever end?

It's a simple question really.

Hamburgers with Kale "Slaw" and Cilantro-Lime Mayonnaise
(adapted from Marin Mama Cooks blog)

  • 1 pound ground beef 
  • 2 scallions, sliced  
  • 1 tablespoon Dijon mustard
  • 1 tablespoon fresh thyme leaves
  • 1 Tbs. red pepper
  • 1 Tbs. paprika 
  • 2 eggs (I used these to hold everything together)
  • salt and pepper

In a medium bowl, gently combine the turkey, scallions, 
mustard and thyme. 

Cilantro-Lime Mayonnaise

1/4 cup mayonnaise - regular mayo not miracle whip - 1/2 cup 
2 tablespoons chopped fresh cilantro - 4 tablespoons
1 teaspoon fresh lime juice - 2 teaspoons 
1 garlic clove, minced 

Kale "Slaw"
3-4  kale leaves (depends on size), washed, de-stemmed & thinly sliced  
1 medium carrot, coarsely grated
2 tablespoons mayonnaise - regular not miracle whip
1 tablespoon white wine vinegar
pinch of salt and pepper


  1. A lovely post. I would like to see the day when nobody is at war anywhere in this world!

  2. Yummy!
    An impressive version of the hamburger.

  3. Wow your photos are seriously amazing, I love all of them! The burger is so delicious looking!

    I agree though, I don't understand why there's wars. They tear families apart and countries apart...

  4. looks gorgeous!

    lovely post today, and a lovely video too. thanks for sharing that with us. I don't understand wars either, why can't everyone just love one another :(

  5. Loved the video (and of course, jason mraz!) and reading through your blog post. I want those burgers! The kale idea is brilliant. One question - I don't like cilantro. Is there something else I could substitute?



  7. Hi Sarah! I absolutely love this video! It's so fun and unique. I am so happy that you made and loved the burgers. I love when people comment to me after they made a recipe from my blog. I love knowing if they liked it and what they did to change it up.

    Your photos are simply gorgeous. What lens are you using? I recently purchased the Nikon AF-S 50mm 1:1.4G lens and I love it but I am still learning how to use it. Some of my close-up photos can get a bit blurred.

    Anyway, I love your site and I can't wait to check it out in more detail.

    Have a happy and blissful day with your family ;)

    xoxo, Jackie

  8. I love kale... am growing it in the garden, so I will be trying this out for sure. Thanks for the great ideas:)

  9. What a gorgeous burger! I really like your recipe for the cilantro lime mayonnaise. Delish!

  10. I'm so glad burgers are on our menu tomorrow...because you've really put me in the mood. And I need to shake up my toppings...yours looks fantastic!

  11. I totally agree with you. I'm waiting for a time, where there won't be any war anywhere in the world.
    And I love the movie, you have such a cute animals! And amazing table top.

  12. Gorgeous hamburger Sarah! I agree, I wish the world could be prosperous but alas that'll never happen :( Hope you have a fantastic Memorial Day! :)

  13. A simple question with a difficult answer. I wish and pray that one day soon all wars will come to an end but I think that Mankind's greed will never allow it. Unfortunately.

  14. Can you believe it, I don't have kale in Taiwan! So sad!! I love kales!

  15. I agree. Its ridiculous that "peace" is so much spoken but never achieved. I guess it's mainly due to us being humans. We greed, we want. We will not stop at what we've got. Anyway, lovely video and of course, such an amazing burger. I need to try cilantro.

  16. These burgers look like a professional made them - perfectly executed my friend :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  17. First - can I just say your photos are GORGEOUS?!! Secondly, that burger is to die for - kale slaw is absolutely genius! I'll have to give it a try!

  18. I always know when I visit your blog it's going to be special, but when I played your video it brought tears to my eyes - thank you for such a heartfelt and beautiful tribute.
    Mary x

  19. I've never thought of using kale in a slaw but hey if we can use cabbage then why not? Love the uniqueness of this recipe.

  20. Yuuum =D
    The hambugers and bratwurst at the bbq I attended on memorial day were not nearly as delicious looking as yours, they were just massive unseasoned slabs of meat.
    Your video has so many pretty colors!

  21. What a fun video, I love how your husband is spending his time while you cook;)

    I was never one for Jason Mraz until finding that in the music video for this song, he hikes a trail to a small waterfall on O'ahu that we also hiked to last fall while in Hawaii. Now I will forever associate it with that trip, so it's got a special place in my heart.

    I love slaw, and I love mayonnaise - I might be so wild as to mix the two together:)

  22. Oh boy Sarah, I could only dream of a world where we all live in peace! Maybe someday we will learn to accept each others differences! It sounds so Pollyanna, but one could hope!
    Your burgers look so delicious and I love the kale slaw! I have to give that a try!

  23. All of the different components sound so delicious!

  24. Biggest smile ever Sarah...I could watch your videos all day long. They are so special, I want someone to come snatch you up and make big things happen for you. You are destined! Apologies for repeating myself...but somedays you gotta say, what you gotta say, even if you repeat yourself!

    Living in peace...a dream. My Patrick is talking about being deployed next year. Another countdown for me....I wish he was still young enough for his mother to say no. :)

    Jeanne xx

  25. Very touching post. I'm very optimistic (sometimes to the point of ridicule) but I think that we can change this state of the world by doing things that inspire others to be better, like creating beautiful art and teaching our kids to be kind and true. I think you're doing both brilliantly.

  26. Cilantro-Lime Mayonnaise looks so good-)) Video is amazing, I love your cat-)) I have one also. Photos are stunning as usual and post is very good itself. Thank you-)

  27. Count me in ... these look/sound delicious!

  28. Your video is just marvelous. Enjoyed the music and so artistically done like everything you do Sarah. marvelous :)

    Not to mention that I almost fell off the chair when I saw your burger. They look so darn good and so do the fixin's

    chow! Devaki @ weavethousandflavors

  29. Sarah, I'm drooling over my keyboard right now looking at your gorgeous burgers! For whatever reason, plain old hamburgers don't really thrill me anymore. I want some with more flavor, more personality, more 'wow' factor, and yours certainly all of the above. I'm bookmarking it now, will make some this weekend.
    Kale slaw? Genius!!

  30. Wow - these burgers look unreal!! Kale slaw... yum. I love kale, never would have thought about it in a slaw.. the burger itself looks so juicy and thick. I will definitely have to make these asap. What a delicious take on the burger! And cilantro lime sounds mouthwatering. Hope you enjoyed your weekend.

  31. I just love your idea for kale slaw - this is so smart and creative! Your photos are gorgeous too - looking forward to stopping by your blog again soon! :)

  32. What a great video. I enjoyed how you set the place and it looked like it was for me.

  33. You're truly amazing. A simple hamburger...transformed into a delightful..delectable..almost-too-good-to-eat sculptural art form. Beautiful!!!

  34. Your kids are very wise...and I often wonder about the same question that you posed! Your video was a delight, and although I am not a meat eater, your delicious condiments will be added to my next veggie version :)

  35. love the video, and the song made me sing, really fun


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