Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Herb Roasted Salmon...Inspired by lunch at Perla's in Austin, Texas

One of our favorite afternoon activities during the summer is to snuggle inside during the hottest part of the day and escape to destinations far and wide

...through Netflix.

We've been hooked on Anthony Bourdain's  "No Reservations" travel program and have made our way several times a week from Egypt to Sardinia and on to  Thailand... Austin, Texas.

Always looking for ways to incorporate more fish and seafood into our meals, I was intrigued by Anthony Bourdain's stop at Perla's Seafood restaurant in Austin, Texas.

During our weekend stay, when we indulged in Austin's food truck scene and the bbq delights of famous Franklins BBQ, we also stopped for a relaxing seafood meal at one of Bourdain's highlighted restaurants.

I was inspired after the weekend to continue preparing simple but flavorful fish recipes for our weeknight meals.

Salmon is always a favorite in our family when it comes to fish choices.  I used my big bag of Herbs de Provence that I carried back from France and generously coated the fish.

A good olive oil, herbs, and a squeeze of lime at the end and a moist, deliciously flavored salmon was ready for dinner.

Perla's Seafood and Oyster Bar is located right on the main shopping stretch of the SoCo area of Austin.  

The huge front deck is so inviting.  The shade of huge oak trees surrounding the restaurant offer a cool haven from the hot summer streets of Austin.

Amidst the western influence of the city lies this delicious seafood restaurant brightly colored with nautical blues, reds, and yellows.

Perla's looks like it belongs on the coast of Maine or tucked away in Sausalito rather that right in the middle of Austin, Texas.

But we sometimes forget that with the Gulf of Mexico just to our south, that seafood can be a delicious option here in Texan country.  And, the oysters on the half shell and red snapper I ate was indeed delicious.

Perla's is known for their ultra-fresh oysters, flown in from New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.  The atmosphere is laid-back and unpretentious...a wonderful respite from the heat of the summer pavement.

Perla's seafood dishes are simple but flavorful and most importantly...fresh.  

After all of our dabbling in the fun and craziness of the food truck scene in Austin, it was nice to sit down, watch the bustling shoppers on SoCo Street and enjoy a healthy seafood meal.

There was so much on the menu that I wanted to try...I'll have to leave those options for the next trip.  

The Crab Cake Sammie on house-baked brioche sounded like a fantastic sandwich option.  I missed out on the lobster stock, cheddar, and green onion grits.  Those are high on my list of selections for next time.

More fish dishes are queued up for easy weeknight dinners at our house.  I'm intrigued by the simplicity of the preparations at Perla's.  I would like to combine more flavors of fresh ingredients with more fish and seafood options inspired by a wonderful lunch in Austin.

Herb Roasted Salmon with Lime
(serves 4)

4 whole salmon filets
Herbs de Provence
Olive Oil
1 lime (juice only)

Rub salmon filets with olive oil on all sides.  Sprinkle with salt and pepper to season the fish.  Heat a pan on the stove top on medium-high with a generous pouring of olive oil.  When oil is hot (but not smoking) lay each filet skin side up.

Preheat oven to 350˚F

Let salmon sear and caramelize before trying to flip it over on the other side.  When it can be flipped over without sticking to the pan, flip the salmon filets onto the skin side.

Take pan and slide it into the oven for 5 minutes.  Remove pan from oven.  Serve salmon on plates immediately with a squeeze of lime juice over each filet. Simple and fresh!


  1. I love how deliciously simple this is, Sarah. I checked your blog in the nick of time because I just got home from the store with trout filets in tow, and wasn't sure what I wanted to do with them, this looks just perfect.

  2. Beautiful!!!
    SImple and Elegant... This looks really delicious!!
    Love it!

  3. All beautiful!
    Salmon mmmmmm...

  4. Deliziosa ricetta e belle foto

  5. Lobster stock in grits sounds like a really delicious idea. It's not something I ever have laying around in the freezer, but maybe someday - - and it's not like it would cost me too much out here:)

    I watched that Sardinia episode of No Reservations a few weeks ago, and haven't been able to stop talking about it since!! It was amazing and gorgeous and delicious and made me wish I had tried some of those dishes while I was there! Oh darn, I'll just have to go back ;)

  6. This looks like a perfect dish my friend - it is awesome to eat holiday inspired goodies :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  7. I loved that episode of No Reservations (and it was funny to see the guy from Top Chef manning his food cart!). Your simple salmon recipe looks delicious. I make something similar en papillote because I'm a wimp about salmon-scented smoke in the air, but the crust on your fish looks so delicious, you're inspiring me to break out the sauté pan.

  8. Perla's is definitely one of my faves in Austin. Their mussels are really good as well. I can't wait for the new season of No Reservations and Tony's dry humor to come back!

  9. Hey Sarah---I made this recipe and blogged about it today---it was amazing!

  10. I love fish prepared with olive oil and herbs. It always tastes so heavenly.

  11. I'm addicted to "No Reservations,'' too. I watch each episode intently, growing hungrier and hungrier, both for the knowledge of the place, the spirited nature of the people, and the absolutely amazing food. ;)

  12. I'm always looking for new ways to cook salmon since we have it in abundance here in the NW, and because we love it! I usually bake it, but am intrigued by the idea of pan frying it with the herbs, sounds delicious!
    xo J~

    (So cool about your rakd trip...was thrilled to hear about it!!!)

  13. beautifull, elegant and mouthwatering!

  14. What a gorgeous piece of salmon :)

  15. Sarah, Beautiful looking salmon served so elegantly!! Looks like something you would get in a high end restaurant!! Your photos of the oysters make me want to eat one, and I don’t even like oysters!! Lovely!!

  16. I just love how you combine your love of travel with that of food. It all looks almost too good to eat. Beautiful - every last morsel!!!

  17. Niiiiiice! Netflix and nom noms, my kind of way to unwind! Awesome fish dish, darling! Salmon isn't too yummy by the time it makes it to Cayman but I bet this recipe would be equally delicious with some mahi or snapper :)

  18. oh i love no reservations! gorgeous photos, and gorgeous fish!

  19. We are also hooked on Netflix and Anthony Bourdain's show. That's great that you visited some of the places he did. Better yet that it inspired your dinner. The salmon looks incredible Sarah! I love your blue background and the platter, they colors look so beautiful together.

  20. I always enjoy the candid moments you capture through your lens, especially those of people. Have you worked as a photographer before? I love the closeup of the hand holding the oyster. Beautiful Sarah.


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