Sweet Juicy Peach Smoothie...with No Added Sugar!

I was cozily buried in the billowy depths of my bed with my big airy duvet piled on top of me.  As I was just about to lose myself in a recently recommended movie "The Quiet American" and travel to the pre-war days of Saigon...

...my husband comes rushing into the room with something cupped in his hands.

The lamp gets snapped on and the harsh light does not deflect his enthusiasm.  I blink at the earnest look in his eyes and wonder what he must be so excited about to drag me out of my relaxed setting.

"Taste this!" he pleads, with a look of conquest on his face. His eyes are twinkling.  He hands me a jar filled with something cold and creamy.  He honestly reminded me of my son when he was little and he would rush into my room to show me his latest dazzling lego creation...arms outstretched and his excitement spilling all over his face.

We had brought back the most beautiful, soft, lightly colored fuzzy peaches from the market the day before.  Since we've taken out processed sugar in our meals, snack options have been greatly altered.

I took my first sip of his kitchen concoction.  I tasted sweet peachy notes, our newly discovered tart Bulgarian yogurt, the wonderful softness of fresh cream, and the earthiness of flowery honey.  Bits of crushed ice made each sip very full-bodied and robust.

"Is this for me?"  I queried hopefully from the depths of my comfy retreat.  "You wouldn't possibly take this luscious treat away from me would you?  I'm about to travel from hot and humid Texas to hot and sultry Vietnam and I need something cool and refreshing like this smoothie."

"I made more...of course" he laughed and went off snuffing out that glaring lamplight, pretty puffed up, like a proud chef who just delivered a culinary extravaganza.

This is our new afternoon treat to make our way through the final days of brutal August in the South...smoothies.  It fits our criteria for no processed sugars and only fresh whole foods.

So Simple, So Fresh...So delicious for these damp dog days of lingering summer.

Sweet Juicy Peach Smoothie...no added sugar!
(created by the better half...Patrick)

1 whole fresh peach, pit removed, and then sliced
1/2 cup Organic Bulgarian Yogurt (with live cultures)
1/4 cup of whole milk or half and half
1 teaspoon of stevia or honey
1 cup crushed ice cubes

Put all of the ingredients in a blender and pulse several times.  Continue blending until desired creaminess is reached.  I like to leave the skin on the peaches and have a thicker heartier smoothie...almost like a shake.