Florence, Italy...one woman's journey

Florence is one of those cities that I have never seen in the height of tourist season.  I have only visited this hauntingly beautiful city in the drizzling rain...with misty mornings making the stone streets wet...creating a shimmering mystique.  

Having just returned from another off season visit, Florence was again quiet, solemn, and filled with ordinary happenings that define local life in between tourist seasons.  It was brooding and rainy with cool temperatures and quiet moments.  I love that. I wouldn't really want to see the city any other way I think.

I made this little video to give me a chance to mark my own memories and stage of life at this point.  The trip was an emotional journey as the last time I was in Florence, life was filled with carpools, children's school schedules, and overlapping activities galore...but my time in Florence then was a rare bit of quiet, reflectiveness, and rejuvenating moments as it was yet again...one woman's journey then...and another sort of journey...now.

I thought I would share my visit to Florence here on "Thyme" with the lovely friends I have made here. 
I have so much more on Italy coming soon including a delightful food tour,Taste Florence, in the city as well as a country stay in Tuscany at the most wonderful family farm Fattoria Poggio Alloro

Please enjoy...

Florence Italy...as seen on one woman's journey from Thyme (Sarah) on Vimeo.

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