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Thank you so much for stopping by  'Thyme' and Welcome to a my world of cooking, experimenting in the kitchen, photography, and writing.

As a child in southern Louisiana I spent hours with my grandmother's maid "Rose" watching her cook all sorts of cajun cuisine in the kitchen.  She always let me sample her creations and patiently put up with me as I held fast to her apron strings, always ready for a handout.

Many years later, I realized Rose had a profound affect on my outlook towards food...people and cultures. 

As an adult, our family has travelled and lived in states across the U.S. and internationally.  We lived in Missouri, Michigan, New York, Japan, Kansas, Louisiana, and now Texas.  Homeschooling has made it possible to experience so many cultures but it seems that our family is always talking about food, eating new foods, and camped out in the kitchen learning how to prepare many of these foods.

Whether it be gumbo from Louisiana, soba noodles in Japan, biscuits in the Midwest, creamy fudge in the North, or clam chowder in the Northeast, we love it all~ and want to try recreating it all!

Welcome to our world of food, travel, and fun.

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  1. WOW! I LOVE your site and your photographs. I stopped by after seeing your comment on Nadia's Nature Insider blog. I am definitely a new follower!! AND if you ever want to share some photo tips and advice (and what equipment you use) I will be here listening :)

  2. Beautiful blog, beautiful photographs and beautiful words.

  3. Beautiful ... a joy to visit!

  4. Beautiful blog. Thank you for your nice compliments about my mango tart let alone visiting my site.

  5. love your blog, and the photos are stunning! Wish I was as talented as you are

  6. Thyme smells & tastes wonderful! LOL...love your blog, Sarah!

  7. You have a wonderful eye. Traveling the Texas back roads is a pastime that can be very satisfying indeed.

  8. Love this blog.....Thank you very much for sharing, Cheers!....

  9. Hi Sarah, I popped over from Pinterest and now a new follower.

    Lovely photos, styling and lighting. Great inspiration.

    Have a nice evening.

  10. Excellent blog!!! Magnifique!!!


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